Hydrocortisone or cortisone (not the same as anabolic steroids) is a type of steroid that are anti-inflammatory and is present naturally in our body.

Cortisone injections are administered by highly trained healthcare professionals (such as Clinical Specialist Physiotherapists) to provide quick and effective relief of pain and stiffness which is caused by inflammation, such as in acute arthritis (Thumb, fingers, shoulder, Elbow, Wrists, Knees, Ankles and Toes)  bursitis (trochanteric/hip), tendinopathy / tendinitis (tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, rotator cuff) . frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), trigger finger , de-uervain’s tenosynovitis and carpel tunnel syndrome.

Steroid injections often provide patients significant pain relief allowing them to engage with exercise and the chance to progress their rehabilitation and strengthen the surrounding areas to create longer term gains.

Hydrocortisone injections are only available on prescription.

Ostenil is a solution containing hyaluronic acid, used specifically to help ease joint pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis, by helping to preserve joint health.

The Ostenil Standard or Mini is injected into the affected joint once a week for 3 weeks until you have had 3 injections, whereas Ostenil Plus is a single injection that is usually used as top up / follow up injection but can be delivered as in place of the recommended course of 3 Ostenil Standard in certain circumstances.

No prescription is required to purchase Ostenil injection.

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